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Yummy Goodies for all The Family 

Dear people of the Untied Kingdom,

The team at goodie click have decided to send out five golden tickets to five lucky people for a chance to win a mystery box of goodies !! You can find these tickets in your order, to enter the competition orders must be minimum of £10 excluding shipping.

T&Cs apply:
The holders of the winning tickets Will receive a mystery box of goodies. To claim their prize, the holders of the ticket need to send goodie click a video clip of them going absolutely crazy because they found a golden ticket. By claiming their prize they then agree for their video to be posted on all of Goodie Click’s social media platforms. They also need to post their prize on their social media pages. They then also need to send the team the ticket number which is in the top right hand corner, this could be done via email or direct message on any of our social media pages. All prizes must be claimed by 31st of May 2021 and prizes cannot be changed for an alternative.

The Golden Goodie Ticket


Our Story

Hi there! I am a 17 year old girl who decided to set up Goodie Click during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 for something to do. Goodie Click is a registered online sweet shop based in Preston and we ship all over the UK and I work very hard to please everyone's needs. When I first set up Goodie Click I only used social media such as Instagram and Facebook, however due to the high demand I decided to expand to a website. I have studied an online course in hygiene and I am now working close with the local council during this difficult time to keep everyone safe and happy in this strange time of our lives. I enjoy receiving feedback from our customers as it helps me improve. I would appreciate your feedback and support of this small business.

 Thank you 
Emily Cooper the founder of Goodie Click 

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